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Samba meta FAQ

Dan Shearer & Paul Blackman,

v 0.3, 7 Oct '97

This is the meta-Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for Samba, the free and very popular SMB and CIFS server product. It contains overview information for the Samba suite of programs, a quick-start guide, and pointers to all other Samba documentation. Other FAQs exist for specific client and server issues, and HOWTO documents for more extended topics to do with Samba software. Current to version Samba 1.9.17. Please send any corrections to the author.

1. Quick Reference Guides to Samba Documentation

2. General Information

3. About the CIFS and SMB Protocols

4. Designing A SMB and CIFS Network

5. Cross-Protocol File Sharing

6. Miscellaneous

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